Interactive Whiteboards and Education

Education has contributed to the development of the Interative Whiteboard market. This has led to an important cost reduction and  a huge offer diversity, with :
  • Solution whitout whiteboard or mobile (using existing whiteboard)
  • Solutions from French providers
  • Immovable Solutions
  • Solutions "made in Taiwan"
  • Paperboards
  • Interactive projectors
In one word, interactive whiteboard "jungle"

Interactive Whiteboards and enterprise

Every day, hours of work and idea generation are lost because they are written on an erasable
board in a meeting room or cube. Interactive Whiteboard prevents great ideas from being lost by turning any existing whiteboard into an interactive space.

With Interactive Whiteboard, you can record, save and email all your brainstorm ideas written in
marker as a digital file. No more “Do Not Erase” mishaps or using your camera phone to preserve
your company’s big ideas.

SI Angel's offer

  • Free presentation on interactive whiteboard "jungle"
  • Assistance in order to select the more adapted solution for your needs
  • La fourniture et l'installation de TBI
  • La formation et la conduite du changement
A prestigious reference

August 26, 2010 : SNCF has ordered mobile Interactive whiteboards to SI Angel

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