Encrypt Hard Drives in order to protect your sensitive data 

Automatic encryption of laptop and desktop hard drives protects critical information and prevents corporate data breaches.
Full Disk Encryption provides the highest level of data security with multi-factor pre-boot authentication and the strongest encryption algorithms. The entire hard drive contents - including the operating system and even temporary files - are automatically encrypted for a completely transparent end-user experience.

Hardware / Software encryption

You are convinced that you need to encrypt, but you still hesitate between hardware and software encryption. Hardware encryption offers all the advantages of software encryption without the disadvantages and weakness.
With the standardisation (OPAL) of encrypted hard drives (Self Encrypted Drives) and  industrialisation by HDD and PC manufacturers, even the cost should drive you in the direction of the hardware solution

Hardware encryption > Software encryption

SI Angel's offer

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  • Evaluation of hardware encryption in your enterprise architecture.
  • Commercial assistance in acquiring the rigth hardware, the right software
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